Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning with Absolute Efficiency Group

As a homeowner or business owner, you may be wondering why it's important to regularly give your air conditioning systems a tune up. Air conditioners work hard throughout the cooling season. To put it in perspective, if your AC unit was a car, you'd be putting an average of 27,000 miles on it per year! And just like your car, without regular maintenance, inspections, and tune ups, your air conditioning unit is liable to break down quickly. From blowing dirty, mold-filled air to costly broken machinery, a lack of regular maintenance can mean big problems down the road. Absolute Efficiency Group is all about efficiency, which is why we offer air conditioning servicing for our residential and commercial customers, so you don't have to worry about AC problems sneaking up on you. We recommend that at least once a year, you should have your AC equipment inspected, cleaned, and serviced, no matter what kind of system you have. Having your heating system checked in the Fall and your air conditioning system checked in the Spring is ideal. For both residential and commercial buildings, we offer a special package of maintenance. For only $75.00 per system, we'll clean coils inside and outside, as well as perform filter, refrigerant, and air flow checks. So don't hesitate, reach out to the professionals at Absolute Efficiency Group to learn more today!